What does HoH / DD mean to you?

There are so many ways to describe a HoH / DD relationship.

One might compare it to the way things were in the 1950's. Men worked, women slaved over a hot stove for timely, well cooked meals, kept the house immaculate with everything in it's place, and while husband and wife might sit down for discussions the man was the one who made any important decisions, the only exception being the daily decisions on child rearing choices and even then when something became complicated or someone needed punished, the man decided how, what, and when.

Another comparison is more of a master/slave, full time, full bore, total and complete obedience and submissive of all choice and responsibility. This means the woman is totally at the mercy of the man in charge but he is also required to lead and decide on everything for the woman, this can be I'd imagine a full time job.

There is also the more moderate dom/sub lifestyle where there is a leader and there is a follower and one guides and leads and determines what is to be and the other willingly goes along and accepts what life choices her man makes for them both.

There are also probably many other descriptions that might have some or none of these things but still for that couple contain situations which decide he's the head of the household and their relationship involves domestic discipline for going against the lifestyle plan they've made.

Todd and I have an equal voice but a sole decision policy. It requires lots of communication and many times compromising but ultimately he makes the final decision .. period. Most of the time it's not an issue and I go along willingly without too much fuss, and if you ask him probably a bit too much input, but it works for us. When we do cross an area of disagreement, we do try to see if there's a suitable compromise that still gets the decision he wishes to make made but allows me to feel better about it. If there isn't a such a compromise, then I have to rely on trust and love and loyalty and realize he's the one I wanted and that's all inclusive. We've had people say that since I have a 'say' that we aren't very dom/sub and we've had others say that since he gets his way no matter what, we are more slave/master. I say we are ToddnSuzy .. separate but one, just like our name :)

What do you classify your relationship as or yourself as individually? Feel free to elaborate :)

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